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About Us

About Us

  • Taste My Biryani is one of our business under A.H Family Group, Belur
  • Taste My Biryani is the first online biryani service provider in Salem, Tamilnadu
  •  We are having www.tastemybiryani.com website and IOS/Android app for customers to make the biryani order online.
  •  First time in India, we are providing the free sample biryani to our customers and we are strict with our slogan "Taste First, Order next"
  • Sample biryani can be ordered only through our IOS/Android app
  • Now, our business operations are working in pre booking slots. There are two slots Lunch and Dinner. For lunch, the order booking is closed at 11 AM and for dinner the order booking is closed at 7 PM
  • We are continuously monitoring our business progress and soon we lift the pre booking type and ensure user can order biryani at any time
  • We are currently serving Chicken biryani, Mutton biryani and Bucket biryani from our own kitchen and not tied up with any other vendors
  • We are preparing the biryani in traditional way using firewood
  • Our biryani is more hygenic and mouthwatering taste
  • Our biryani masters are having 15 years of experience
  • User can choose the payment option as Cash on Delivery(COD) or they can pay via online using their Credit/Debit card.
  • Loyalty points are there for users who refer the Taste My Biryani app to their friends and families. We are offering 100 loyalty points for each referrers and those loyalty points can be used at the time of ordering the biryani.
  • 100 Loyalty points are equal to Rs 10.
  •  User would be rewarded offer coupons who gives the review about after ordering the  biryani through Web/App
  •  We are operating with 10 delivery boys in Salem city and it will grow as our business grows
  •  We undertake party orders and this should be informed prior 5 days in advance